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Monday, February 18, 2013

A little encouragement. . .

A little encouragement goes a long way. MaryJo Wilhelm, public relations coordinator, emailed earlier to tell me "good job" on blogging so frequently this year. I hesitated on typing "frequently" but I am doing much better than last year. And with her positive reinforcement still ringing in my ears, I am blogging twice in 24 hours!

We just linked this blog to our Vantage FaceBook page (yep, we have one!) and it has worked out well for us. Hopefully my blog will be read by more people, alumni, and community members alike, as well as our staff. It is a great way for people to know "the latest" happenings concerning Vantage.

I am looking forward to testimony tomorrow for the Governor's Workforce Committee. I spent yesterday, late last night, early this a.m., and most of the office hours today, compiling and proofing the four testimonials we will present tomorrow. Apollo Career Center, 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. is the place to be on Tuesday, Feb. 19. Ten senators and 15 House of Representatives who make up this joint committee will hear what Vantage, Apollo, and several of our employers are doing to impact a trained workforce.

Just reading the testimonials makes me feel great that 1) I work for Vantage Career Center, and 2) that I work as a career-technical administrator. Period.  CTE is where it's at-- how can you not love helping students of all ages learn skills to find meaningful work?

Come out and see what we do in our completely renovated and expanded school! Feb. 25, 5 - 8 p.m. THAT's where you should be next Monday! Set your GPS or navigation system to 818 N. Franklin St., Van Wert, OH 45891!  (Just a little encouragement. . . )