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Friday, May 20, 2011

May 20, 2011

The sun is shining!I hope it dries up the puddles on the construction site. Several of us have laughed about the new "duck pond" just north of the parking lot, which came into being very early this spring. The view from Marsh Road as one drives past the school is really great--the early site work and new bus barn are being completed quickly. Next week will see the beginning of demolition work inside the building in the B wing, where our office is located. Also slated for renovation next week in the first of six phases, are auto body, auto tech, and ag diesel mechanics labs. The fun has finally begun! (And the stress of trying to stay on the aggressive renovation schedule is upon our contractors as well!)It will help each of us to keep in mind what is actually within our control, and know that the rest will test our ability to adapt and stay focused.

May 19 marked the first days without our staff and students in the building. While it is extremely "empty" (both due to temporary walls and locker banks near my office being moved out to ready for the renovation AND because our neighboring colleagues have finished their contracted teaching days), the end of the instructional year always marks the beginning of the summer schedule for the administrative, maintenance, and secretarial staff. Our days are packed with making plans for the new school year, answering questions of new employees, identifying important event dates for the 2011-12 year, ordering equipment and supplies, keeping the building maintenance on schedule, and completing an array of miscellaneous details which all are a part of school administration.

The past school year has gone by quickly, and we say it annually--I just don't know where the year went! But one thing is for certain---summer will pass by just as quickly, and when staff and students return in August, we will be in the very heart of the construction process within our Vantage facility. Gear up, everyone!