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Monday, February 25, 2013

It's all over . . .

Were you there? Vantage Career Center hosted its Grand Open House to celebrate the end of our 18-month construction project. Tonight was also our annual sophomore open house where prospective students and their parents and families visit our school to decide if they will become a Vantage student in the fall.

So many people were here tonight! I heard alumni from years past remarking about how the school had changed, and saw staff engaged in conversations with visitors representing so many different connections to Vantage. Several of our partners in the community were here tonight--Chamber of Commerce Director Susan Munroe, First Financial Bank's Denise Frey, Eric Hurless from Stahl, Stoller, and Meyer Insurance, Bill and Shirley Straley of Straley Realty, County Commissioner Thad Lichtensteiger, Phil and Robin Farris of P & R Medical, and Stan and Barb Searing, and Mike Winans, all the way from Paulding . . .WOW!

We are so thrilled that so many people came out to see us tonight! Vantage is a wonderful opportunity for workforce training. Our staff makes it a great place for kids, and a terrific place to work. If you haven't experienced Vantage in some fashion--an adult class in cooking or basket weaving, or computer course, or if you don't know someone who has been a student at Vantage, you really should come out and see what we have to offer.

P.S.  if you weren't here tonight, you missed the great refreshments by Baked to Perfection in Delphos! They did a fantastic job! (WHY did I give up cookies and sweets for Lent. . .ugggghhhh!)