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Friday, February 8, 2013

Two blogs in one week!

What's up with that? OK, it's 6:28 p.m., and I am still in the office. Education is a people business and the superintendent's position requires access and visibility. Paperwork and "administrivia" tends to get done after the staff goes home, and tonight affords me the opportunity for a short time yet, to write a blog.
I am looking forward to seeing Big River tonight at the Civic Theatre, as several friends are in the cast, and I always enjoy its community threatre productions. Knowing that I have to get there in time, may help me write a short blog! If I try really hard, I may also get to the grocery between leaving here and going to the show.

What's on my mind? Getting ready for our Grand Open House and lining up testimony for the joint committee of Ohio's House and Senate members who are on the new Workforce committee. Vantage and Apollo Career Centers have been asked to give testimony focused on the good things happening in the manufacturing industry as a result of our workforce training for high school and adult students. This is a rare opportunity, but one that has significant potential for Ohio's career technical educators in career centers.

But back to the Grand Open House--our Board of Education's 11 members all will attend, as well as our key construction partners, and the Ohio School Facilities Commission. Remarks have to be written next week, and an interview done with Ed at the Times Bulletin. WLIO has asked me to do the Noon Edition show on Feb. 14, and I am looking forward to that event. Our committee continues to put all the pieces in place, and without them, none of this would be happening. Along with the planning, all of us have our regular "day job" to do--so next week I will be at Rotary, and the county schools' insurance group quarterly meeting, and conduct a tour for a group of visiting Chinese students who will be accompanied by Aaron Burns, a Vantage alumni, who has lived in China and is a successful business man and graphic designer.
Our department is also helping to host this wing's open house after school on the 14th, so my creative side said "bake heart-shaped cut-out cookies for the staff to enjoy". (There goes my weekend. . .but it will be fun and I want to contribute something homemade for our staff). They work hard, and I get so little time to spend with them, as our jobs get in the way!

It's 6:45 p.m. and I know I should leave. I got a lot accomplished, and once again night custodian Dick Fry came through to clean and said, "you're still here" and I gave my usual reply, "I am leaving--I won't be here long!" That was an hour ago. Why do I stay? I really enjoy this job and our new school. My work helps our district move forward. Today Matters--there's no sense waiting til tomorrow or Monday.