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Monday, March 25, 2013

Snow, snow, snow. . .

March 25 looks a lot like January 25 today. School is closed, using the last of our five calamity days for the year. I hope we don't get hit with a lot of dense fog this spring, or Vantage will be making up days in a year already longer due to the late start last fall, required by the construction project.

I know I haven't blogged in awhile, but the pace of my office has not let up following construction and the Grand Open House event. Plans are being coordinated to cut in the access drive for the solar array, for which construction will start shortly after April 1. The snow and moisture is going to hold sitework up a bit.

Other projects I am working on are getting ready for the April Board meeting and assisting with plans for the April 4 All Boards Annual Dinner, which follows the April Board meeting. News regarding the state budget and other legislation which may affect the Career Center also requires my attention, especially as legislation moves quickly in the Kasich administration. If educators don't provide feedback, we lose control and influence while others set our agendas. More later on legislation and the state budget!

As usual, administrivia is a constant in our office, and while a quiet day like today allows me to catch up a bit, there is always something that takes the place of the items I strike off my list. Yes, I am a list maker! My lists are usually to remind me of events to attend, and meetings to go to within the community. At the top of my list for this week is the Vantage FFA annual banquet. The students and instructor Mike Miller put on a great program, which is well-attended by parents and students. Also on my list is the end of Lent--I have been officially "chocolate and dessert" free since Lent began. I am into the home stretch, feeling pretty successful since I haven't even had hot chocolate or a cookie. And cookies are my favorite food! Look out after Easter--I have been hoarding a lot of Christmas chocolate. Until next time. . .Today Matters.