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Friday, November 16, 2012

November 16, 2012

Two blogs in ten days or so. . . it may be a record for (infrequent) blogging on my part. I have been in Columbus three days this past week, to attend the annual Ohio School Boards Association conference. Several Vantage board members attended the career-technical superintendents' association breakfast and meeting on Tuesday, November 13. The keynote speaker was Dick Ross, Director of 21st Century Education for Ohio. While a funding formula is still being worked on for CTE, we are anticipate weighted funding to be adapted per program operating costs. Vantage depends on receiving weighted funding, and hopefully the balance of low, middle, and high-cost programs we operate will see similar revenue to what has been received in the past. The exact formula remains to be seen until late January or early February, when the Governor unveils his school funding formula.

School funding is too heavy of a conversation with which to end this blog, especially on a Friday evening, when I have a date with my rake and a yard full of leaves! Lots of good things happened this week at school--our Interactive Media program produced an excellent slide show set to music, for the Van Wert Chamber of Commerce's Annual Small Business Awards luncheon. The slide show was shown to a huge crowd of 140 area business partners. Some of our Vantage students, and their instructor, Jill DeWert, were able to attend, along with our Adult Education Director Pete Prichard and me.

One of our students, Robert Leonard, Network Systems, and from Parkway Local Schools, is still hospitalized following a car accident which occurred a week ago, but we are receiving daily updates from his parents, which sound encouraging. This young man is extremely lucky to be alive, and has undergone 13 surgeries in the past week, with several more ahead of him. Our hearts go out to Robert and his family, with best wishes for his continued recovery and strength.

Vantage is proud to be asked to help with a local collection of toys for area children for Christmas. This year there is no Toys for Tots program in our county, but all of our county schools have been invited to have a toy drive to fill the void. Several area businesses and other groups will assist as well, and together we will help make the holidays brighter for several families.

Until next time, (which will hopefully be next week), enjoy the weekend!