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Monday, November 26, 2012

It's a Monday . . .

I used to think the worst sound in the world was the engine not turning over when I started my car. Last night  I knew the worst sound is actually the absence of sound, as in when you turn your heat up and the furnace doesn't kick on. Yes, it was a cold night, and an even colder morning, trying to get ready for work in a house with no heat--the thermostat read 55 when I left this morning!

Apparently my furnace stopped working sometime over the Thanksgiving holiday, when (luckily) I was visiting my kids in Defiance. I chose not to drive back there at 10 p.m., when it became evident that the furnace was definitely not going to come on. I had spent most of the day driving to Cleveland and back with my oldest daughter and finally arrived back in Van Wert at 9 p.m. The "It's a Monday . . ." title was inspired by my hands being so cold this morning that I dropped my yogurt as I was getting it out of the refrigerator to pack in my lunch. Yes, it splattered all over the kitchen floor, and down my knee-high black suede dress boots. . . one of the rare days in the past two years where I have worn a dress to work, due to the rough conditions of the school's construction project.

The minor yogurt catastrophe reminds me of the old Erma Bombeck calendar quote, "Life is a bowl of cherries. . .spilled on a brand new white silk blouse." If my furnace breaking is the worst thing that happens to me, I can handle it! I am so thankful for skilled tradesmen.The good news is the furnace has now been fixed, AND at a very reasonable price, thanks to A & A Mechanicals. Tyler Holdgreve, the owner, is a former Vantage student! His service man, Forrest, was professional, knowledgeable, prompt, and courteous.