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Saturday, October 2, 2010

October 2, 2010

It's going on noon already today! I would like to update you on last Saturday's successful pancake breakfast which was held at Vantage with proceeds going toward the Citizens for Vantage fund. By this time last Saturday, dedicated staff members were almost finished with the clean-up tasks and we left the building in good shape for Monday's students and staff to return. For many of us, last Saturday started at 6 a.m. while we prepared for what we hoped would be a "rush" of customers from 7 to 11 a.m.

Over 160 meals were served--and I say "meals" because several people ordered meals to go or brought back pancake breakfasts for their work crews and office staff. One gentleman took time to eat his own breakfast and ordered nine more meals to take back to Ottoville with him! And many thanks to Eaton, where we filled an order for 14 breakfasts. I believe we even delivered a few meals to some offices in Van Wert. All in all, the final crowd was over the twice the size from 2009's pancake breakfast, and we hope it will grow to over 300 meals served next year!

The Putnam County ESC hosted a meeting yesterday, at the request of Governor Strickland. Knowledgeworks representatives facilitated the meeting and gathered information from area superintendents and ESC personnel regarding school efficiencies and how to maintain focus and investment in improving student achievement. I am grateful to Dr. Jan Osborn, Superintendent of the Putnam Co. ESC for inviting Vantage Career Center and Penta Career Center to be represented. Much dialogue took place regarding the strength and quality of our schools in northwest Ohio and the importance of linkages to our community in a multitude of ways.

In closing I would like to thank our Vantage staff members and four of our Board of Education members who gave up their Saturday last week. While we cooked, served, and cleaned, we enjoyed good company with each other. We also met so many of our community members who shared support for the education Vantage has provided for them and their families. Thanks to all of you who supported our second annual Pancake breakfast! I hope to see you next year!