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Friday, October 8, 2010

October 8, 2010

It's officially the 8th of October, and I thought I forgot to post an entry for this week. Then I realized it is only Thursday night (Friday morning, I guess) and this week's post is early! And what a week it was!

Staff came together and pitched in to help with the week's Attendance Marathon activities. I enjoyed serving breakfast to students on Wednesday and helped at "Double Dog Day" on Thursday, serving up hot dogs in the lunch line . Our cafeteria manager, Penny Baucom, came to my aid when it was evident that I couldn't keep up with putting two hot dogs on every tray and ladling chili and cheese as well. Needless to say the line moved right along when she took over the chili detail. (I don't know how I escaped working in food service as I worked my way through college, but that is one job I never had!).

This week has flown by, and too soon we will see the end of the first 9 weeks grading period. I believe a few of our seniors would agree that this year is already going by too quickly for them.
But there is a lot left to do at Vantage this year, including many activities our students will enjoy.