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Thursday, March 18, 2010

March 19, 2010

Congratulations to our Vantage FFA students for planning and hosting an excellent annual banquet last week. Advisor Vern Fischer and Trade and Industry secretary Jo Mohr, as well as English instructor Beth Evans, provided assistance. Supervisor Steve Peters was honored with Honorary FFA membership. He joins a lengthy list of community members and educators, many of whom return annually for this event. It was great to see a few faces from the past, like former Vantage Director, Bob Brinkman, in the crowd.

Vantage staff members are busy preparing for the state competition season, where many of our students showcase their technical skill and earn thunderous applause (and bring back some trophies and medals)! We couldn't be more proud of our students for working hard to excel at the regional and state levels; we are hopeful that at least a few of these students will advance to national competition in the months ahead. The state and national experiences often stay in a student's memory for years to come. Student competition is one of my favorite parts of career technical education.

In addition to the competitive events, several other activities take place in the few remaining months of this school year. Senior Capstone day is scheduled for March 31 and it promises to be another rewarding event for our project judges and of course, our students and staff. Spring is a busy time for all educators as we plan for the upcoming new year and close out the current one. Watch the Vantage website for upcoming events which recognize our students' performance this year! Our students' success is always assisted by Vantage teachers and staff who give countless hours of time and heaps of energy to push students to their fullest potential. We are glad Vantage is able to help students reach their goals.