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Friday, March 5, 2010

March 5, 2010

Spring is definitely in the air! It's great to see the sun shining and the thermometer going up just enough to give us hope that we have seen the last snows of winter.

Last week I mentioned that Vantage complied with a request from Governor Strickland's office for local data on our career center's operations. This blog will share some of the information presented to the Governor's School Funding Advisory Committee.

Secondary Market Share: 32 percent This is the number of junior and senior students taking career tech coursework divided by the number of junior and senior students eligible to take CTE, throughout our CTPD (career technical planning district).

Student profile information: 27 percent of students are classified as special needs students; 35 percent of Vantage students are eligible for free or reduced lunch. 95 percent of our students are Caucasian, 5 percent are Hispanic, African American, Indian and multi-racial.

Including satellite students at four district schools, Vantage serves 631 secondary students. Full-time equivalent students (FTE): 472.

Secondary school completion rate: 95.45 percent.

Secondary student attendance rate: 92.7 percent

Secondary student placement rate: 98.62 percent

Number of secondary career tech programs operated by Vantage: 25 (includes satellites)

Number of associate schools served: 11 (associate schools are member, or voting school districts)

Number of additional schools served through open enrollment: 9

Number of open enrolled students: 112

Predominant model of delivery: Full-day
Percent of FTE served through each model of delivery:
Full day--83 percent
Satellites--17 percent

Full-time secondary teachers:
Career technical: 37
Academic: 16
Special Education: 3

Scholarship dollars earned by the class of 2008: $20,000
Number of postsecondary credits earned by the class of 2008: 60

Adult Education Student data and additional information shared about our district's narrative will be posted on next week's blog. Have a great week ahead!