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Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Today has turned into another cold, snowy, blustery day! Vantage started with a 2-hour delay today, and by the end of the school day, students were advised to drive cautiously on their way home. I personally love a good snowstorm, but it's better to be at home with hot chocolate and a movie while watching the snow pile up. Looking out the office window to the north just now, it doesn't look so great!

The snow reminds me to give a "shout out" to our maintenance crew for the great work they do salting the walks and clearing the parking lots. Dave Young, John Osting, Jon Burns, Dick Fry, and our warehouse manager, Don Mosier, all pull together and do whatever is necessary so we can start classes each day. Thanks, gentlemen!

This past week has been more of a flurry of activity than usual. I was notified last Friday evening of the need to submit extensive data by Feb. 28 for the Governor's School Funding Advisory Council. This committee is evaluating the effectiveness of career-technical education funding and will recommend an appropriate formula by December 1. We have compiled Vantage's data regarding market share, growth, insured capital asset value, voted and effective millage, and secondary student completion rate, to name only a few areas of information requested. Gail Gillett, EMIS coordinator, spent many long hours finding this information, (and much more) than I can list in this blog. Thank you, Gail! Vantage, along with the other 48 career centers across Ohio, anxiously awaits the final recommendations of the funding committee.

Hopefully the committee and the Governor's office will realize that schools like Vantage keep juniors and seniors in school and our state's graduation rates are increased as a result. Decreasing the dropout rate has an impact on the economy of a community, as well as its social and civic health. An article by the Alliance for Excellent Education states that everyone-- car dealers and realtors, to bank managers and local business owners-- benefit when students graduate from high school. Not only do graduates earn more income, but they have more disposable income to spend in their communities, which stimulates our local economy. Over 40 percent of Vantage students go on to postsecondary training and earn college degrees, which increases their income even more. Our students' success helps to make a statewide impact.

Vantage is proud to serve the juniors and seniors in our 13 area school districts. The privilege of attending Vantage brings with it the responsibility to abide by school rules and strive to do one's personal best. Great drivers of student success are self-discipline and motivation. Vantage will continue to set high standards for students because we know that to ask less of students would not serve them well when they leave us to enter the workplace or postsecondary education. Our staff members work daily to give students a head start in their futures.