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Monday, August 29, 2016

Sweat the Small Stuff!

Isn't it the little things in life that mean a lot? They also make a difference.

This "sweat the small stuff" blog has a different purpose than preserving your sanity through not sweating the small stuff, the focus of a short book "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff" by Richard Carlson. I came across a copy of his book early in my education career as a business teacher, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It also inspired me to show my students the times when doing the exact opposite--sweating the small stuff--while writing business letters and honing their skills and resumes, would be helpful!

Personally, I've always thought "sweating the small stuff" is important.

After helping our administrative team do the weekly recycling today, I can honestly say sweating the small stuff matters. The small action of sorting cans and bottles buried in the paper in your recycle bin and breaking down the boxes, will make a big impact on several other people every week in our school! Not only would this small action save time in our weekly recycle collection, it would also be considerate. A little time spent by each individual will help a lot of people doing the other end of the job.

Sweating the small stuff applies to so much more than recycling, and it has more benefit than making a job easier for someone else. The little things, which take hardly any time at all, are usually easy things.  Take time to give a kind "hello" or "how are you doing today?" to the people you pass or at the service counter in the automotive garage after work. Go even further by taking time to listen to what they say. Some people call it "being in the moment" or "be where you are". You can send a message of caring to someone who may feel hopeless or alone, just by taking time to listen. And you may do yourself some good.

Life is full of good things. It's full of great human beings and wonderful community efforts. It's full of young students with ambition and plans for their life ahead. The ability to sift out life's junk and bad moments and hold onto those things that will make a difference to yourself, your family, or others is vital. Our students will be a bit better prepared to successfully enter the world after high school if they can focus on what's important now. Stay in school. Be here every day. Be kind to others. Work hard to be the best "you" possible, whether it's taking time to do the math assignment right or sweeping the shop floor at the end of lab. Practicing these small actions every day just might turn into lifetime habits.

Today Matters. Sweat the Small Stuff!