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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Winter Has Set In

And the delay saga continues. Ohio's recently passed legislation requiring at least a minimum number of hours of seat time in the classroom to eliminate the five calamity days previously given by the state for severe weather. Northwest Ohio, as with many other districts across Ohio, is bound to have problems meeting the required hours without making up days after the school year.

Winter has set in already! Today is another 2 hour delay--but we are grateful that conditions were good enough to hold classes each day this week after the delay. Time will tell how bad this winter will be--perhaps it's an early start with an early spring season to follow! No one would be happier than the school administrators and staff, (and parents and students), who have to battle the uncertainty of whether we are in session or not, and dealing with the worry of traveling safely.

Thanks to all the bus drivers and the conscientious administrators who make the best decisions they can for the district's students. Today matters.