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Friday, October 24, 2014

The World by the Tail. . .

Several of our Vantage students indeed have "the world by the tail". Today was our Manufacturing Open House, and five of our trades programs were highlighted. Precision Machining, Welding, Industrial Mechanics, Electricity, and Buildings & Grounds. Students and staff showed off the skills learned here and the facility they enjoy learning and working in most every day. A few students are going home today with job offers in hand--the choice is theirs. And many more students will have those choices to make by the end of this school year. The job offers keep coming when you have skills employers need. And the need is surely there in America, not just in our little corner of rural northwest Ohio.

Trade and Industry Supervisor Ted Verhoff deserves a shout out for a job well done--not only did he organize an excellent Manufacturing Open House today, but he gave a terrific presentation to the local economic development advisory group, who met at Vantage this morning, on our trades programming. Visitors then toured the Open House throughout the day, and enjoyed lunch. Area legislators Senator Cliff Hite, State House of Representatives Tony Burkley, and Senator Rob Portman's office staff, Wes Harbough, toured the facility also.

And I'll close with a big shout out to our teachers, students, and staff who also made today's Open House a fantastic event--whether teacher, cafeteria, public relations, support staff, or administrator--Thank you all! You're terrific!

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