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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

For the Greener Good. . .

Lots of people have been asking about our new solar array. I thought I would answer some frequently asked questions here, and follow up with a brief  "take away" card to give to staff and visitors to Vantage. These will be placed in our school offices, easily accessible by visitors and staff.

Here are the Solar "FAST FACTS"!

Curricular interests are the main reason Vantage pursued solar power. We have an obligation to train a skilled workforce in alternative and renewable energy, particularly since we are located within utility scale wind farms.

1. The 4200 panel solar array is located on 3.5 acres of school property.
2. Vantage leased the site to Solar Planet, and in return we buy the solar power generated for 25 years.
3. Vantage has the option to buy the array, at current market value after 10 years and thereafter during the
4. The average power estimate is 50% of the power Vantage uses daily, 80% at peak generation and usage.
5. The largest cost saved is distribution charges for electricity on the utility electric bills.
6. The price per kWh for solar power is slightly less than current utility electric rates and will remain so for
     length of the agreement. The price will raise incrementally every few years throughout the agreement.
7. The only cost to Vantage is for the power we purchase and the legal fees incurred for the contract.
8. The solar array was planned prior to the recent construction project, and is not a part of the project.
9. Roof top arrays were considered. The existing structure was unable to support the array's weight.
10. Real-time generation records can be accessed via internet-based software in the school's office areas.