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Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of School!

Finally, we had our first day of school at Vantage! New juniors, as well as returning seniors, started their day together this morning. Yesterday's fog closure was definitely not the way any of us wanted to start the new school year. Hopefully it isn't a sign of numerous calamity days yet to come.

The Vantage staff recognizes that coming to a new school district as a junior or senior can be scary and at the very least, make you feel like a fish out of water. Our "staggered start" (which didn't work out due to fog), is intended to help our juniors get oriented a bit more easily, without the added influx of returning seniors. This year not only did Vantage students enter a new school, all of them literally entered a new school building, much of which didn't exist last year. Even our seniors were asking for directions, but all seemed to be enjoying their new school. Again, thank you to our voters for supporting our bond levy in 2009! You helped to make this much needed renovation and expansion project possible.

A bit of Vantage trivia--long-time social studies teacher Ms. Peg Bollenbacher remembers that closing school on the first day has only happened one other time in our 36 year history! Ms. Bollenbacher is completing her 35th year of teaching this year, all of them at Vantage.

Best wishes to all for an excellent school year ahead!