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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Life is a Journey. Wear Comfortable Shoes.

April 5, 2012--I saw a shoe advertisement recently that struck a chord with me. The title of this blog, which is the tagline on the ad, seems particularly fitting as we plod through the construction project at Vantage. While "plod" may not seem to be a positive reference, the other choices that come to mind are "trudge" and "endure"! The construction process is a tedious one, frought with many details, each of which presents an opportunity for an oversight, which requires a correction. Naturally, the correction impacts the schedule. . .and so it goes.

During the project, I am wearing out a few pairs of "old lady shoes", (as my daughters, both in their 20's, refer to them)!(Saying goodbye to dresses and heels for 18 months has been rather pleasant, since this attire doesn't meet the safety code onsite). And while it is hard to find the energy to clean the dust and mud off of my shoes some days, the comfort provided by these unstylish shoes is well worth tromping through the muck on the construction site most days.

Life is a journey for each of us, no matter what our role in employment, family, or community service. Hopefully your daily journey brings you happiness and fulfillment, as mine does on most days. If not, take time to think of the things you are thankful for and the blessings present in your life. Happy Easter!