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Thursday, August 12, 2010

August 13, 2010

It's a new school year and the Vantage staff is ready for the building to be filled once again with our district's juniors and seniors. Several of these students arrive ready to learn and full of excitement about coming to Vantage Career Center.

One of the most frequent questions I get is "do you work much in the summer?" which is usually followed by: "What is there for you to do when the teachers and students are gone in the summer?"

Let me fill you in! The summer staff are busy checking supply and equipment orders, correcting errors in billing and shipping, answering questions from parents of prospective and enrolled students, and planning for the upcoming year's projects with teachers and clubs. There is much to keep up with regarding information from Ohio Department of Education, pending legislation to review, and Ohio Association of Career Technical Education information and activity. The administrative team works with me on updating the strategic plan, anticipating issues with schedules and enrollment, and teacher professional development and licensure issues. This summer was a heavy hiring year, with our last position being filled on August 10, so much time was spent screening applications and interviewing candidates. And, adult education classes continue through the summer, so there is constantly something refreshing happening at Vantage all year round.

Our normal work environment is transformed by the required summer maintenance work--hallways become the storage place for chairs and desks as carpets in classrooms are cleaned. My beaten path to the front office and restroom is sometimes barricaded by yellow caution tape to keep us from tramping on a freshly waxed floor or wet carpet. In short it's always interesting here in the summer, kind of like going to summer camp and enjoying the short time away from the routine we know throughout the year.

Much of the same duties continue throughout the school year, but without the full staff of teachers and our students filling the school building, the work day takes place in a much different atmosphere. I am glad to see everyone come back to fill the halls with chatter and news of their summer activities.