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Thursday, April 1, 2010

April 2, 2010

Senior Capstone Day at Vantage
was a great experience for students. On March 31, several community members, Vantage Board of Education members, and our advisory board members, as well as almost all staff gave their time to judge our seniors' projects. Posted are three photos of projects completed by students: Brian Voisard, Jr. a carpentry student from Parkway, built the poker table he is pictured with; Ashley Carr, Antwerp, created the injection mold of a fox for her Precision Machining project, which she is holding in the photo, and Breanna Ross, Cosmetology, Van Wert, established her own small business, Breanna's Bows, and donated her proceeds to the Student Interact Club's Haiti fund.

Students explored a wide range of areas for their projects, as would be expected when we train students in 17 different career technical programs. Some additional projects were: Jerod Schoonover, Van Wert, Interactive Media--Computer Video Game; Caleb Johnson, Carpentry, Crestview--Cabinetry; Paige Gamble, Van Wert, Early Childhood Education, The Effects of Domestic Violence on Children; James Dawson, Building and Grounds, Lincolnview, Ohio State Chair; Andrea Balderas, Health Careers, Paulding, Self Injury Awareness; Wade Haller, Ag Diesel Mechanics, Antwerp, Rebuilding a Motorcycle; Brandon Shuherk, Interactive Media, Paulding, Promotional Video for Vantage.

CTE teachers and academic instructors support the Senior Capstone experience at Vantage. Without the time and effort of our staff, students would not be pushed outside of their comfort zones to create and present projects to a panel of judges. Ideally the senior project integrates knowledge and skill learned in the CTE lab, with additional information and purposeful activity initiated by the student. The English department drives the research end of the senior project, instructing students on format, the hazards of plagiarism, and proper citing of references. Much more work goes into the implementation of senior projects at Vantage than can be explained here. Without the effort of all of our teachers and the commitment of the English department to prepare for the event annually, it simply wouldn't happen.

While evaluating student projects this year, I witnessed incredible student creativity, self-discipline and confidence. I also heard students speak of their personal satisfaction in completing what started out to be a daunting task. Several students start their senior capstone during their junior year--others, inevitably wait until they are too pressed for time to manage effectively the topic they selected. Regardless of which category students found themselves in, valuable life lessons and learning took place--and all students presented their project to a panel of judges.

Many thanks to each of our judges, staff members, and students for their participation in Senior Capstone day.