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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

April 16, 2010

Writing a weekly blog is occasionally bound to become a lesser priority when compared to other pressing issues and deadlines. After eleven consecutive blogs, I was unable to post one last Friday. I hope you find this one to be interesting.

Vantage Board members and our associate school district Boards of Education enjoyed a great program at the Annual All Boards dinner on April 8. Agriculture Education instructor Ryan Saxe presented a program on his school district's innovative ag education program and FFA activities in Lincoln County High School. Lincoln County HS is located in Hamlin, West Virginia, and Mr. Saxe currently serves as assistant principal for the district. He is an award-winning teacher, who received his state's Young Agriculture Education Teacher of the Year award in 2009 as well as receiving the Agriculture Education Program of the Year award that year. We met at the 2008 national High Schools That Work conference in Nashville, where we both attended a session on biofuels and alternative energy issues in education.

The audience was pleased to hear that our local Kennedy Kuhn sold and delivered the combine for this West Virginia ag program last year! Mr. Saxe indicated that people turned out on their front porches to watch the police-escorted combine come through town. His students had not seen a combine before, due to their rural terrain near the mountains.

The Lincoln County High School ag program operated a canola farm which provides the canola they use to produce biofuel. Students also enjoy veterinary education, livestock production, and operate a green house to fund their program. This and much more can be learned at .

Special thanks are in order for our Culinary Arts program students and their instructor, Kristy Bidlack, who prepared a wonderful German dinner buffet for our 75 guests in the Cup and Saucer. The evening was enjoyed by all who attended, including District 75 House Representative Lynn Wachtmann.

In the midst of our construction project design phase work, Vantage is also preparing to apply and partner for Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) funds. This announcement of funding availability came on Easter weekend, with a one-week deadline to submit letter of intent to submit a proposal. Vantage has been working to identify interested partners in industry, postsecondary education, and associate high schools, who will further STEM education in Northwest Ohio for high school and adult students. The proposal deadline is April 30, 2010, and much remains to be accomplished by this date.

How appropriate to find this message inside a Dove dark chocolate wrapper earlier this week: "Perseverance is a synonym for success!"